National Candles

National Candles have been making fine New Zealand candles for over forty-five years. Established in 1969, they are one of our countries most respected candle makers and are known for creating exceptional products made using traditional methods and raw, natural ingredients.

National Candles

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Large Rope Citronella Candle


Hand poured large citronella candle wrapped in rope made in Wellington by National Candles.

These measure 150mm x 180mm and have an approx burn time of 175 hours.


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $12.00 with Laybuy

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Small Rope Citronella Candle


Handmade in Wellington New Zealand by National Candles these candles measure 100mm x 140mm and have a burn time of approx 85 hours.


Crystal Plant Wax Pillar Candle Large Citronella


Plant wax pillar candle with a crystal like look. Made by National Candles in Wellington these candles are citronella fragranced.

Measure 75mm x 125mm with an approx burn time of 75 hours.


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $4.67 with Laybuy

National Candles Household White 240mm 6 Pack


The consistent use of the finest raw materials in our product ensures these candles have a constant flame, prolonged burning time and are non-drip in ideal conditions.

length 240mm


or 6 weekly interest-free payments from $1.67 with Laybuy

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