Dishy Nailbrush


Made of Tampico & Beechwood
Sustainabliy sourced
Environmentally friendly raw materials have been used in the manufacturing of this brush
Dimensions are: 9x 4cm
Tampico is a very robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which only grows in the highlands of northern Mexico. Tampico has great water-retaining properties, is resistant and hard-wearing, and keeps its shape without softening. The fibre has tiny hooks on the shafts, which gives it a natural slightly abraisive quality.

Care instructions:
Its with the fluctuating of high humidity plus the constant steaminess of bathrooms that mould can sometimes appear on the nailbrush. Therefore we suggest (for all brushes) to air them regularly outside of these environments. Out in the sun is a perfect place as this prevents any mould growth and ensures that the brush dries effectively.

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