Little & Stone Jewellery Cleaner


We know your gems are precious. They live to be on display and should always be given the opportunity to shine. Little & Stone deliver cleaning excellence through an eco-friendly solution. Giving you the convenience and ease to maintain the natural beauty of your jewellery.

Specially designed for cleaning yellow, white, rose gold, platinum and precious stones.

Simply empty the sachet of cleaning solution into the tank and top up with water to 1cm below rim. Place the items you wish to clean in the basket and dip into the cleaner. Leave for around 1 minute then use the brush to remove embedded dirt. Rinse in running water and dry with the provided soft cloth.

Contains no butyl, phosphates or ammonia. Safe to use on all porous stones, such as opals, onyx and turquoise but do not immerse for more than 3 minutes.

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