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Sing Like A Unicorn


Sing Like A Unicorn is a read-aloud children’s picture book for children aged 2-7 that’s wholly inspired by the idea that inside each of us is a completely unique individual that can be happier, more fulfilled and make the world a better place through embracing their originality. And one of the easiest and most fun ways to do that is by singing!
Former Midnight Youth frontman Jeremy Redmore is on a mission to spread and encourage the joy of singing in children as a pathway to greater self-esteem.

Sing Like A Unicorn tells the sweet and magical tale of one child’s journey – guided by a rather fluffy and long-maned unicorn – to discover the power of having a voice like no one else in the world.

32 pages with illustrations by Jason Crowley


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Let It Go


Let It Go encourages children to explore what emotions feel like in their body and find a unique way to release them.
Join Aroha and her friends as they navigate their way through four emotions: sadness, anger, shame and fear. A wonderful energised story for helping kids learn to notice and discover language for experiences of emotions, so important in this day and age for helping our children, families and teachers share discussion about feelings in safe ways.

From the creators of bestselling picture book Aroha’s Way.


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Finding My Calm


AUTHOR & ILLUSTRATOR: Rebekah Lipp & Craig Phillips

Teaching children mindfulness through the senses at a young age can help them build confidence, learn to cope with stress and realise they can overcome challenging moments in their life. Using the fun ‘Five, Four, Three, Two, One’ rhyme is an easy way for children to remember to use their senses to find their way back to calm.

From the authors of the best-selling range of books about emotions including: Aroha’s Way: A children’s guide through emotions, Let It Go: Emotions are energy in motion, Aroha Knows and How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children. The Wildling Crew are sharing yet another way that you and your children can regulate your emotions together.

Also, look in the book to find the ‘five things’ that the character could use. What could he see, feel, hear, smell and taste?

48 pages

recommended ages 2-6


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What Colour Is The Sky?


Hare and Pihoihoi enjoy a beautiful dawn breaking over the meadow when Pihoihoi wonders aloud, ‘What colour is the sky?’

Hare thinks it is blue, but when they talk to Hedgehog, Snail, Mouse, Frog and Ruru, the other creatures have different ideas.

Why do the characters see things differently? What Colour is the Sky? explores the idea that all of us have different perspectives and opinions in life. This beautifully illustrated picture book for young children explores the wonder of nature and shows the importance of listening and respecting other opinions, even when we see things differently.

SIZE: 205mmx290mm, 38 pages

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Thank You by Dana Winter


Felix discovers the magic of nature in Thank You, when the moon beckons him from his bed. He dances off into the night making friends with a parade of creatures (and even the elements) who help him in their different ways, to find his own way back home.


Dana Winter is an artist and Mother living in Oakura, New Zealand with her husband, two ebullient daughters, a dog and a fat black cat.

Her dream is that all living things on Earth are valued and cared for, regardless of their use to Humans. Her first picture book, Thank you invites readers to experience the wonder, vibrancy and generosity of our natural world.


Celia Seagull And The Plastic Sea


AUTHOR: Nicole Miller

Celia Seagull perched on the cliff, eyeing up plastic and watching it drift. Scanning for pieces to weave through her nest, she held her beak high and puffed out her chest. Join Celia Seagull as she gathers plastic pieces from the ocean to build a bigger, better nest. With far too much on her agenda, busy Celia refuses to help sea creatures who are tangled in the scrap. But when Celia runs into trouble, who will help her?

DIMENSIONS: 210 mm x 260 mm
BIND: Paperback, Section Sewn

REVIEW: “An awesome, purposeful book with a powerful message that change is up to us – our future generations are counting on us”
– Ricardo Christie, NZ Surfer


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See Play Do


See Play Do is a children’s activity book which encourages open-ended creative play with 3- to 10-year-olds. It is a collaboration between creatives of all ages; from chefs to scientists to 5-year-olds, and is filled with fun ideas – make glitter playdough and dress a dinosaur in your own clothes.

See Play Do was conceived by print designer Louise Cuckow after seeing her young daughter frustrated that her finished artwork “didn’t look like the picture”. There is no one “picture” to follow in See Play Do – all creations can be celebrated.


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How Do I Feel?


With 60+ definitions to help improve emotional literacy. This HUGE hardcover book with over 140 pages, is all about our children learning to recognise and label emotions and feelings.

Join Aroha and her friends as they share how different emotions might feel in the body and how each emotion might be helpful. This emotions dictionary is all about helping children find the words for how they truly feel. Learning to recognise and label our emotions correctly is such an important skill for life.

Giving our children this language helps to build emotional literacy. It is a gift to give children the tools to know how to recognise what they truly feel and that is it okay to feel all emotions. When they know that no emotion is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that all emotions provide messages, then it takes away any attachment to that emotion being part of who they are.

We may have experienced this ourselves being labelled ‘naughty’ or ‘out of control’ due to feeling angry a lot. However, this behaviour is just a way for a child to communicate. Diving deeper into why they are acting that way, why they may be feeling the things they are, can help us find some answers with our child. It can also help us find ways to help them empower themselves with tools to feel better.

Use this book to start conversations about different emotions. If you can, give examples of things you have experienced. When you see a child experiencing an emotion, help your child label it. “Are you feeling … right now?”

This book can be used with children from 5 years of age up to 100+ as everyone might get something from the book.

Hardcover – full colour

Pages – 152

Size – 216mm x 280mm (Landscape)

Recommended Age – 5 years – 100 years+


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Te Reo ABC Wall Frieze


26 individual Te Reo ABC Frieze cards that can be displayed to suit any room. Each card features two beautiful illustrations by Tanya Wolfkamp with both Te Reo and English descriptions.

Card size 150 x 210mm

Made from sturdy board with rounded corners

Packaged in a cardboard box

Designed and printed in New Zealand


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Kowhai And The Giants


AUTHOR: Kate Parker

Kōwhai first appeared from the golden glow of a beautiful flower… and her voice was the rain and the sea and the cry of a bird.’ Follow Kōwhai as she discovers a tiny seed’s hope to build a great forest.

Debut children’s author Kate Parker is a visual artist and theatre maker who is inspired to support positive environmental change on our planet. Here she creatively shares her vision of reforesting Aotearoa, one seedling at a time.

Kōwhai and the Giants is a bitter/sweet story about the decimation of Aotearoa’s mighty forests following human habitation. But it is also a story of hope. While Kōwhai may be small and alone, her actions will bring about change and soon, she will be joined by others.

Kōwhai and the Giants asks the reader to listen with all their senses to their natural surroundings and to discover Kōwhai’s call for themselves. A wise and beautifully told fable, its compelling narrative will kindle a desire to spend time in nature, search for seeds and to grow native plants and trees – a hopeful picture of the future for children aged four to ten and their caregivers.


Aroha Knows Paperback Book


Aroha knows that nature is there for you and for me. Spending time out in nature makes her feel all kinds of wonderful emotions. Throughout Aroha Knows, Aroha and her friends experience our amazing world and this picture book explores how it can benefit our wellbeing.

From the creators of bestselling Aroha’s Way and Let It Go, Aroha Knows encourages children to feel connected to and find meaning in nature.


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Arohas Way


Aroha’s Way is a bestselling picture book for children around uncomfortable emotions; fear, apprehension, worrying thoughts and nervousness with ways to manage them.


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Kuwi’s Rowdy Crowd Book


From Bestselling and Award winning New Zealand Author
240 x 240mm
36 pages of full colour
Matte Laminated Soft cover. Stitch Perfect bound.
Written and Illustrated by Kat Merewether (Design on Q + Illustrated Publishing)


Kuwi & Friends Maori Picture Dictionary


From the #1 bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of the Kuwi the Kiwi series, Kat Merewether, comes a large scale, stunningly illustrated visual dictionary. Full of over 1000 basic words in te reo Māori and English, perfect for every New Zealander.


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